Sunday, 2 June 2013

Trophies in gaming.

I wonder, sometimes,
what happened to the world of gaming, that made it become
less enjoyable than it once used to be?

The answer, in my opinion, is the trophy/achievement system.

You see, trophies (on ps3) or achievements (on xbox360)
are something that adds replayability to the game.
Once you finished the storyline, for example,
you can go back to the game and try to get that perfect combo of moves,
that 'driving for 4 minutes without causing an accident', or that
'you spoke to someone without wearing clothes' trophy.
You can try to become a master of the game, explore every nook and cranny
of the world, and feel incredible when you did exactly that.

That's how it should be, but lots of games are becoming too big a world
to justify that exploration/hoarding feeling. It's just... tiresome to do that.
As an avid gamer, I feel like a bad person when trading in used games when I
haven't even scratched 12% on the trophy list, but I also feel games are
getting ever more ridiculous in their requests.

Another thing that happens to me, because of that, is the feeling when I finally achieved
the ultimate goal of the meta-game: getting all of the trophies.
What happens after that is I wonder how much time I actually spent doing that,
and I re-evaluate my life to think 'was it good of me, to spend my time in that way?'

I suppose the draw of gaming will always be magical for me,
but I have a love/hate relationship with thropies and achievements.

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