Introductory monologue.

Finally, I am on the intrawebs!
That is what this is called, right?

Anyway, hello to you sir and/or madam.
You have probably gotten on this.. page (?) by pure intrigue.
Let me tell you a little something about myself then.
I am Dorian Hector Leamy. I lived a life of a travelling gun salesman
in a parallel dimension where meteors put craters into the ground in 1908.
Hazardous chemicals leaked out of the stones and into the sky, transforming the fauna and flora.0000
Mankind has build domed cities to protect themselves,
domes that are connected by underground roads.
But a new threat arose from within the domes.
Looters, bandits that have been exposed to the meteors by accident
are now looking for food, they take what they want, when they want it.
That's where I came in.
I earned my living as a salesman of weaponry,
and I had not once met a person who did not appreciate that.

Suddenly things changed, and I found myself aboard one of four Emtrains
on a mission to examine the space ore.

As I was on my way towards a stone, I came across an anomaly in space and time.
The swirling colours of light sucked me in, and I must've lost my consciousness.

When I woke up, I was here, in this year 2012. (really? It's a new millenium allready?)
There's a lot I need to learn, like how to cross a road without a car hitting me,
or how to use this futuristic piece of communication called the intrawebs.

But I will make it, step by step.
And people told me I should blag about it or something,
so I will write my story here.

Untill I find a way to make it back.

~Dorian H. Leamy~

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