So, these days it seems that the term 'Steampunk' is getting more and more common.
What follows are my thoughts on the subject.

I believe there are two kinds of Steampunk existing in the world right now.
The first one is SP created by the people who stay true to the works of Jules Verne.
Then, there are people, and companies, who see the rising interest in SP,
and they want to 'hop on the bandwagon'.
This is where they start failing miserably.

You see, it is not about glueing gears and copper wire on to something, put a miniature globe on it and call it SP, it's about recreating a world that could be possible.
(That's alto why I hate goggles on hats, it's so impractical it becomes nonsense.)

The amount of people who create their own SP character is increasing,
but I find it very disappointing that two out of three SP'ers make an 'Airship pirate'.
I mean come on, a living, breathing world needs engineers,
it needs doctors and barkeepers,
it needs housewives and workers.

I understand that people have the desire to picture themselves doing some epic adventuring,
but seriously, an engineer can have grand adventures too.

-So where do I fit in?
Nowhere, I am not made up.


  1. I put goggles on my hat. Fuck that. I am always prepared for a zombie apocalyps. THAT'S WHY I WEAR IT ON A HAT!

    Or around my neck. Depending of the occassion.

    1. And why do you need goggles in case of zombies, exactly? I am curious.

    2. Ah like that, I can understand that,
      because the zombie-virus can also be transmitted through blood, like hepatitis B, or HIV.
      You have a valid excuse for the goggles,
      something 85% of goggle-wearing dweebs do not.