Friday, 7 June 2013

My old hobby, the future, and a rant.

Helluuw interwebs!

next up in our list of subjects to talk about, is something I have been doing for..
about six years now, and that's 'messing around with game development'.

Yeah you heard that correctly. A long time ago, years before I even stumbled
upon this dimension, I was busy building interactive experiences.
But that was just a way to pass the time to be honest,
I did make sprites and some maps, I got the combat system exciting
and the story.. well it wasn't awful, most of the times.

I kept starting different projects, but never came around to actually
taking one seriously. I think the biggest I ever made a game was about
one hour of gameplay.

Anyway, that's part of my goals in this world, I see now, to learn
how to develop games. I set a goal for myself a few days ago,
since I started being serious about this and learning how to use
the Unity game engine.

-Goal: develop a game for Wii U between this and june 2018.
That must be possible, not only in terms of game development,
but also to get Nintendo to allow me to put my game in the E-shop,
because Nintendo really supports indie developers.

Which brings me to my next point; the other next-generation consoles.
Look, we don't know what Sony's gonna do with the ps4.
We will probably know more about it at E3 in four days.
What we do know, is what the Wii U can do. Or at least,
what it's doing right now, and that's really really cool.

But then there's the 'Xbox One' monster Microsoft unveiled recently.
Their presentation was almost at the halfway point when they went
'oh yeah, it plays games.' because they don't even CARE about the
gaming. They focus on tv, internet, things like that, which we don't
even NEED in a gaming console.
Then they made it even worse, by restricting access to content.
Basically, you now RENT the game, instead of buying it.
You can't trade it in at gamestop, game mania, or stores like that.
You can't loan it to a friend.
(Actually, you can, but only to 1 friend. Who's on your friends list
for over 30 days. Which is stupid.)
They even went as far as to say you can 'let your family experience
the game from the console.'
What they're saying is that allowing family to play the game you bought
is a FEATURE now. We should be going WOAAAW because
of that. Another thing. Xbox One is always on. The Kinect Sensor
is required. Even for non-kinect-games. Basically, Xbox One now
posesses an always-on-webcam into your living room.
And guess what they're going to do? Totally not record it or something.

I don't get it, Microsoft. How can you be so idiotic,
to make all of those stupid decisions? You're literally going 'fuck you'
to us, gamers. Gamers who already decided to go Sony/Nintendo
before the Xbox is even RELEASED.

I'm sorry for this rant, I just don't get it.

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