Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dreamland revisited.

I just woke up,
and I have to say last night was very, very weird,
in terms of unconscious travelling.

I visited a dark tower first, and a bonfire inside the cilindrical structure
was were I found myself, at one of the top floors of the empty, black building.
There were stairs winding down at the wall in front of me,
and on it stood hollow humans, undead without a glimpse of humanity left.
I destroyed them with a scythe as I made my way down the tall tower,
but I died before I got at the bottom.

That's where things get weird.
I died, but I returned to the bonfire again, ready to take on the same
'enemies' as I just did. This happened over and over again and the screams
and gurgles of the undead kept haunting me.

That's when I found a piece of humanity,
and I offered it to the flames of the bonfire to return me to human form.
And I realised I was undead as well, but I still had a free will.
The Humanity I offered changed me, and I stood up and felt my face,
my hands slowly making it's way down my body.

The first undead on the stairs started speaking nonsense:
If there is a way to feel yourself, without actually seeing yourself,
you might realise how beautiful you are. Like a bowl of chip 'n dip,
oh beautiful chip 'n dip...

The 'hollow' continued rambling on for a while,
and then I got transported to a hellish realm with chunks of big rock
standing in chasms of lava.
At the top of one upwards-sloped stone I found ruins of a chapel-like structure,
where the lead singer of The Beards (check them out) made songs about my
failing attempts to bring down a demon the size of a vertical bus, who was
weilding a gigantic bone axe.

Eventually more musicians showed up, like Tenacious D,
making humorous, but epic songs about my attempts.

I found myself learning magic in a group on one of the plateaus above the lava
at one point, but about three or four people including myself got chased eventually
when the group noticed we were trying to learn the forbidden 'pyromancies'.
Needless to say, we ran over the enourmous rocky plateaus in parkour style
with spells and fireballs flying around our ears.

Then there was the church-like building,
where I hung upside down from a winding set of stairs, still very manoeuvrable,
but chased by a woman-bat-creature with a Día de los Muertos sugar skull
tattooed over her entire chest area, and she was trying to catch up with me
in a very intimidating, menacing way while singing:
It was a dark and stormy night...

This night was weird, to say the least.
Does it mean anything, any of this?

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