Friday, 17 May 2013

Moar Carcan weapons!

Sometimes, when you visit thrift shops often enough, you get stunned by the curious things they have.
Like today, when I walked in and found a weapon that belonged to the Carcans,
so is this a trick to make me believe they are here, in this world?
That the past of the nomads was the real past in this dimension?
Or is this me, seeing things and connecting things because I want to?

I will never know for sure, I guess. Not untill I find a real Carcan here in this realm.

Nevertheless I found a spear in the thrift shop, for five bucks,
and I took it home as fast as I could.
I'm a bit of a thrift-shop-addict, and a hoarder.

Anyway here you go, a look at the spear untill I find a better camera.

For the record: You might be cool, but you'll never be
and-having-another-one-on-your-back' cool.