Thursday, 16 May 2013

Keltfest: Aftermath

The weekend of the eleventh en twelfth of may I was in The Netherlands
for an event called Keltfest. It's a festival in Celtic theme, with shoppes and villagers in encampments playing the role of celtic people, old crafts like blacksmiths and people making ring mails, a big stage where bands like Sassenachs and Pyrates! played,
it was a blast, and I met incredible people like
David Gallows, lead singer of Pyrates!,
a dutch musician where we could spend the night,
photographers and strange creatures.

I also shopped with a limited budget, but I was able to score a raccoon skull,
some small feathers for a DIY project and a set of tribal armbands.

Lots of hairs were combed that day, and the following.

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