Monday, 6 May 2013


I have been talking about the Carcans a bit,
dropping some clues here and there,
so I want you people to understand them a bit more.

Carcans are groups of nomads from my original world.
They travel the world outside the domed cities
in search of useful materials in ruins of the world before the meteorite impacts.
They worship the meteorites. Not as a creator, but as a catalyst of their abilities.
Because of their exposure to the chemicals in the sky made by the meteorites,
the Carcans were able to... mutate... in a way, and gain mystical powers.
Along with the 'weaving of the wind' as they call their abilities,
Carcans are also highly skilled in weaponry made from parts of dead animals,
wood and metal, along with other materials  they find, and old firearms.

Using the limited skills I have at this point in time, I have tried recreating
some of the different weapon users I saw on my voyage.
There are a lot more, but I can't possibly make all of them.

Also, Carcans are not all male, and they are definitely not all me.

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