Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Feeling good.

Hello interwebbers,

I want to talk about 'feeling good about yourself' today.
For the past year, since I arrived in this world,
I have been feeling lost, out of sync with this world,
and therefore, not as happy as I could've been.

Yes, I had my moments of pure happiness and my moments of depression,
but I believe everyone has those, not just me.
So I've found a trick to keep me from falling into the pit of sadness.

It's simple really, and it's something I have been using for a long time now but still,
I want you guys to know.

Dress your best.

It's that easy. When I'm sitting in my room playing video games, I wear a tie.
When I'm playing accordion -or attempting to-, I wear a blazer.
When I'm painting, I wear a double-cuffed shirt.

When I go on a three-hour train ride and start writing, I wear a fancy vest.

When I'm playing newly-transformed zombie and attack Spider man,
I wear fancy clothes.

I get good comments sometimes, on the street or in a group of friends, and it makes me happy.  I hope this trick will keep you happy as well. 'cuz it works for me.

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