Friday, 3 May 2013

On job hunting.

Hello my dear whoever you are.

I had another job interview yesterday.
It was part of a selecting process, there were two available jobs,
and guess how many people came for it?

That's right. My chances of getting the job were 1/125.
So colour me surprised when they called me and said I passed the written test,
and wanted to meet me in person. They are meeting with fourty-five people who passed the test
however, so it's still a slim chance I get the job.
Add to that the fact that they were not convinced I 'fitted' in the job,
because they had a feeling I 'did not know what I wanted in my life'.

Excuse me, but..

I learned to take care of animals.
There's not a lot of work in that branche,
so I tried going to school for antiques.
Antiques class was cancelled the entire year because there were
only two students and they felt like it was not worth it.
So I tried going to college.
Everyone said I shouldn't even attempt it because I wanted to learn
one of the hardest things there is to learn, and 'I am not too bright'.
So I tried woodworking.
I succeeded in learning those basics but I can't find a job there either.

What I want to do in my life, is not what I can make money with,
and what I can make money with is not what people want me to do,
the bosses don't want to employ me, or things like that.

This society sucks, I want to go back to Dircalis.

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