Monday, 18 March 2013

More extradimensional artefacts!

How this is happening is beyond me,
but I find myself in the posession of more and more artefacts of my own world
everyday, as if they pop into this dimension because of my thoughts.

I have recently found weaponry from my own world
(like the 'smoke pole', a Carcan Rifle mentioned here)
and wednesday, I got into posession of a Carcan jewelry box,
made from (what I assume, I am not a biologist) a Naroon's hoof.

Furthermore, I have been to a bellydance open-stage event yesterday,
and found myself staring into the culture of Carcans,
instead of this world's hobbyists.
It was a strange feeling, like I was 'home' after all.
Some of the performers looked like they came right out of the wastelands themselves,
and the magic in the air was indescribable. Also, I found a store from The Netherlands,
that sold jewelry pieces that are incredibly reminiscent of the Carcan culture.
{I also met a girl who looked exactly like Rox.
I did not say more than a few words to her, for I was in shock.}

So I am very much wondering where this is going.
Am I going to find the way home through the portals the artefacts use?
Or am I just going to keep on collecting pieces of my world?
But how are they able to find me? And why am I the only living thing
that made the dimensional jump? Or am I not?

Questions are keeping me up at night.

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