Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dat motivation.

Finding a job is hard.
I know that. You know that.
I have told you seventeen-or-something times already,
but still, I want you guys to focus on one thing:

Here's what I mean, through my own experience.
I have sold things before, in Dircalis, and thought I could easily handle
the same job in this world. Wrong. This world has a lot in common with my own,
but there's also a lot that changed. For example, a few days ago I applied
for a job in a store that sold cellphones. But they did not hire me because
'my skills did not fit the profile of the man they were looking for'.
In other words, I do not know enough of this world to be able to sell stuff easily.

Yet I feel that that is my calling, and I will aspire to become a salesman,
even if I keep getting rejected. I will look for another job first,
to make sure I have an income.
And after that I will look into the sales-branch of work.

Now I'm getting to the point I was trying to make;
I came up with an idea when I stood up this morning
(it's ten in the evening as I write this)
and I feel like it's the best job I would ever love to have.

I want to sell things.
In space.
Like planets and meteorites.

I want to be known as 'Dorian Leamy, the man who sold the universe.'
And I feel like I can do exactly that, if you give me the time.

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