Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dem boats.

I realised it's been too long since my last post about work on the Belgica.
So I'm going to give you a speedrun through a month's work.
Here goes:
We have a museum in our hangar where the Belgica is standing.
Although I can't call the hangar 'the place where the boat is standing'
because there's only one rafter finished at the moment.
There is no boat yet.
Anyway I helped the people reorganise the museum,
got some old stuff in my hands (like the financial records dating back to 1930)
and felt important.

It's fun to see how the people at work, instructors, bosses, people like that
also come to me for things that are not typically for workers like me to do.
I helped placing electrical wires on the wall, I am busy making eight bee-hotels
at the moment (for the city, so I can go place them on location too soon! ^-^ )
They ask me for opinions, I study plans for the boat even though
I'm not educated for that, today I placed cabinets and a desk in the new
bureau of my boss, which I first fixed (made a ceiling, floor, lights and electricity,
the bathroom (so I'm doing plumber things too.)

Yeah, it's actually really great at work, but I can't stay there forever,
and that sucks. I actually don't get paid either so maybe it's best
that I look for another career opportunity.

I helped the organisation with ideas as well as actions to make the overall
'feel' of the hangar more pleasant, like my idea to put one of the small boats
(project from the past by the newbies) on a raised platform.
I also made the skeleton frame for a sloop,
one of four that are going to be placed on the 35-meter long vessel.

Aaaand here's me pointing out that we're building the second rafter now.
A though job that can't be underestimated, but it's also a lot of fun.

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