Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Evenings in this world.

Evenings are when melancholy hits me the hardest,
and it does so almost like clockwork.
I miss the times I had in Dircalis, the days I spent as a salesman,
and the social interaction I had with the people that lived there.
I miss the feeling of going on an important mission,
and I feel like this world doesn't offer me the same thrills.

Furthermore, I seem to be incapable of finding a job in this world,
for I cannot walk up to companies and say 'I have experience in sales,
but it was in another dimension.'
No, the companies here base their decision of hiring me on the experience I had,
here, in this world. And that's a pretty sad amount of experience.

I am missing a piece of my heart, which I left in the outlands of the old world,
and that makes me feel sad and downtrodden.

But it hits me hardest during the evenings, because I'm living passively in those moments.
I'm sitting, hanging, laying down. And I feeling like I have nothing to do.
Yet I should read more often. I try to read a lot of books, but I just..don't.
I try to learn how to dance, and play the accordion, but I ...don't.

Then there is music. Music on my head during sad times makes me even sadder,
but I need music to make me feel like I am back in my world,
when I close my eyes and listen to the tunes of some very special people.

Tl;DR version: I need a power hug.

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