Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Scariest. Dream. Ever.

I just woke up from the most horrible nightmare I ever had.

I was living in some cave deep underneath the ground,
and my sheep (who looked like Cartoon Network's 'Sheep in the big city')
needed surgery. So I took him to a building with a rusty interior,
and barbed wire and planks were placed in front of the windows.
The entrance was a hole in the wall on the second floor,
and was reached by a wooden ladder.
When Sheep came out of surgey, I cried. I knew they did things to him
that were really unethical and unsafe, and I never wanted to bring him here again.
So I took him home and came back, to the central plaza where the 'hospital' was located.
The plaza wa a big round computer like in Doctor Who's Tardis,
but it was shooting dangerous lightning bolts. It was unstable,
but I still saw people work there. They had to, to survive.
For some reason one of the men was in a dispute with some other man
 about the price of a brush and a shovel, and did not believe it cost 4 dollars,
so they sent me to the store to find out how much it really cost.
I climbed some stairs and found myself at the store.
That's pretty much all there was in our cave, and so, in our world.
A hospital, a store, the plaza, and three or four houses.
Lighted by TL-lamps that went on and off irregularly because they were broken.
I entered the store and saw people working there.
A young attractive woman was busy counting stock, as I went to look for shovels.
She was able to land a job there and I couldn't even.. I could never get a job.
Not even here. I felt bad about myself. A shovel cost no more than 1 dollar I saw,
so I turned around to leave the store again. But as I stood in front of the stairs,
things on my left caught my attention.
A man was using a pallet jack to move a pallet filled with sacks of dog food,
and he was bad at it.
But that's not what deemed me odd, no,
as I got further in the store I felt my stomach turning.
A humongous pale moonfish had been put up for sale,
and was sitting in plastic swimming pool for kids,
and so the water just barely reached his belly. He was gasping for air.
To my left there were other tanks, glass ones, with other kinds of fish, all really big.
I heard workers say the fish were jumpy, and they needed to watch them.
While I stood there the guy with the palet jack now used his tool to move
plastic bags with goldfish in hem, and some of them fell on the ground.
I was really happy when I saw he did not step on one.
That's when chaos happened and the fish began to jump out of their tanks.
At first, only one did, jumping right onto the floor,
and needing assistance from at least three men to be lifted back into his tank.
The workers called me, but I was too afraid of the fish to help,
and so I stumbled, fell on the floor, crawled backwards,
got back up and ran towards the exit. Earthworms were laying on the floor as I ran,
and I saw the worker who left his bags of goldfish, and was picking up the worms one by one.
I got sick, felt like my stomach couldn't handle this anymore, and started puking.
Worms. Earthworms came out of my mouth as I threw up over and over again.

That's when I woke up, ten minutes ago.
It's in the middle of the night that I write this,
because I felt like, if I had written this down, I could forget it forever.

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