Monday, 25 February 2013

Gun Salesman of Dircalis.

Have I told you about the portals?
Portals are places where dimensions get so close
to each other that fysical things can pass through,
like, myself, for example.

I thought I was the only thing that fell through,
but once in a while I find things, relics of my own world
that made it here. I never saw a portal but I know it's from
Dircalis, the aesthetics are different than objects from this world.

For example, the day before yesterday I was at an event in The Netherlands,
where there was a shop selling antiques, and hanging on the wall,
I saw Farrin, also known as 'The Smoke Pole',
a Carcan firearm.

Price was not an issue, I must have it, seeing as how it was a relic of my old world,
and so I took it home.

This means things can pass through, and, maybe, more humans made it here.
And what if a Titan creature gets to this world?
I'm stressed out now,
I have so many questions.

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