Sunday, 24 February 2013

Phantasium 2013

Oh wow. Oh. Ooh wow.

Those are the words going in my head tonight, as I recall the events of this weekend.
I went to an event called Phantasium in The Netherlands, a country next to mine,
where I met the amazing people of Abney Park. <3

Let me tell you, although the fanbase was a bit small compared to AP's other gigs,
they were going wild on their songs, and the atmosphere was amazing.
I sang along with almost every song and danced like a madman.
I never dance, so it's a big deal.

Robert Brown's voice is as good live as it is on an album,
something not a lot of bands manage to do.
Jody was an active all-over-the-place-woman
that got the crowd moving.

But songs aside, there were two things that I will remember, being,

1) They were done playing for the night, but re-entered the stage afterwards
    with the words 'we are jetlagged and probably won't sleep tonight,
    so we will play a million more songs.

2) After Abney Park played their songs they came too meet the audience.
    I told the members of the band my English was way better during normal
    circumstances, but when meeting important people my brain dies.
    Nevertheless, I, along with my good friend Miss Sheridan,
    were able to teach Kristina about the Rijksmuseum,
    talk to the Captain himself, and get autographs of the entire band.

The relaxed-ness of the band members really got to me,
and made them the best live band ever, in my eyes.

Oh yeah, saturday was shopping day for me, and I bought an antique
persian rifle, which I gave a blowjob just as Robert passed by me, fml :p
This one.

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