Thursday, 3 January 2013

Resolutions and all.

Ok so for this year, a friend of mine came with an idea I can get behind.
After years of setting up unrealistic goals, there's finally something I can do.
She explains the details in her blog post right here and it made me think.

What do I do right now that's impressive?
Let's see:

1) I always dress well.
2) I'm not bad at making people laugh, I noticed.
3) I'm not bad at video games. Which is like.. not impressive at all.
4) I am learning how to build boats.
5) I can cook. Which is a big plus. If you're a man.

So yeah, I don't feel like I am awesome or something. Not at all.
But I want to try and become close to it. Because being awesome is fun.
For this year
(oh god I am already failing because it's the third of january and I haven't started yet)
I will do the following:

1) Give myself a limit to how many hours I am allowed to spend playing games.
2) Do something with the accordion that's laying around here.
3) Become a better woodworker.
4) Learn how to drive a car.
5) Learn how to save money. Good lord I need this.

So there you have it.
My resolutions for 2013.
I hope you guys will support me in this because I will fail really easily,
I know that.


  1. Those are good resolution you can keep up with :)

    1. Well I hope so.
      Driving a car is VERY expensive,
      for one thing. I can't even afford to do an exam or something. Even if I do number 5 it would still take me half a year to get that kind of money...

      The rest I can do a bit more easily,
      but it will still be hard.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. Apart from the "try to improve my German" thing I haven't been able to do much. Then again, exams, so I'm kinda being responsible by not crafting all day :p