Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A new year? Already?

2013.. wait whut?

I remember 2012 passing me by very fast, but still,
new year's eve turned up on my doorstep like a thief in the night.
It was a very strange year, or, I can say it started turning weird around june,
when I met someone who made me have faith in humanity again.
Not in love, but at least in humanity as a good species.

Then there was august with the freak-circus edition of Les Jardins des Poupées,
a seasonal themed meeting with lots of fun people.

    That's me in the front with the bowler hat, by the way :)

I guess the real madness began @ Emporium Vernesque,
a day I will never forget. It was a themed party with odd shops and activities,
like a bellydance initiation, musical performances by BB Black DogSchwarzblut and Ball Noir, a Burlesque performance by the lovely Amesbury Rose,
and it was also the day I got to meet four amazing people,
who have become really good friends.
The most crazy person of all, I meet on an almost regular basis.

    Small interpretation of what it was like.

I have been photographed semi-professionally,
I have laid down on the ground of the big city of Antwerp, in a garbage bag,
I have grown accustomed to the feeling of a lot of fellow humans around me,
something I was not used to, believe it or not.

I have gotten back into the paranormal lifestyle after a big break
(it keeps coming back in other forms, as I said here.)

I have gotten more into taboo-breaking talks about sexuality,
which is awkward for me because we don't talk about that out in the open,
back where I come from.

I spend new years eve with two of my buddies at the movies in Antwerp,
where we went to see The Hobbit in not two, but three dimensions!
That was cool.

    Me and miss Khaos, Belinda took the picture so sadly, she isn't to be seen.

Also, I went to see the fireworks with milady Khaos,
and even though it was raining like hell, it was very pretty.
I got a little shaken up and emotional because of that,
because of the fact that.. 2012 is over.
It's officially done, we survived the apocalypse,
the torture of not knowing my place in this world is over,
and from here, it's uphill towards sunshine.

Things will be weird in 2013. I know that.
It's gonna be insane, exhausting,
it will make me mentally unlike what I was before,
but I will love it, because I have some good people standing beside me.

Bring it on, world.

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