Thursday, 27 December 2012

Why virtual living is better than real living.

I come from a dark age.
A place where we, as humanity,
were trying to adapt and survive in the hostile world of post-asteroid.
Back in my world, it's a daily struggle to rebuild civilization, and to do that,
we need to venture past the safety of out cities,
into the world where dragonflies the size of busses fly around eating people.
Into the wasteland, where risking your life is worth it, to preserve the rest of mankind.
The place where people turn on their own within the walls of the city,
for food, or purely out of madness.

Then I came here. And man this place is boring.
Really, nothing interesting happens here at all, people wake up everyday, same hour,
they take a shower, eat some food and go to work, doing the same task over and over.

That, is why I turned to gaming. To escape from the dull life in this world,
untill I can get back.
I mean, the appeal of creating your own fantasy story is incredible when all you can do here
is sleep, work, sleep.

I am riding a dandy air whale. Because I can. -Scribblenauts Unlimited.

This Greek Titan will crush you between his fingers. -God of War 3.

Then there are bosses like Cronos from God of War,
or the Dracolich Titan from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,
that are a daunting sight to behold.
So when you finally best them -often in a gruesome way-
you feel like you can take on the world.
And if you die, don't worry, that's what save points are for.

There is also a lesson to be learned from some games,
especially hard ones like Demon's Souls/Dark Souls:
"No matter how hard it gets, do not give up."

I got destroyed by a gigantic lava monster, an undead dragon whose belly was ripped open and the bones were sticking out, a half witch/half spider demon, poisonous frogs, living trees, a Hydra...
Yet I keep pushing forward, because I want to succeed.
And this attitude, I want to translate into the real world, yet can't.

Some foes will make you shiver. -Dark Souls.

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