Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Confession time.

Ok. I must talk to you guys.

I met this woman quite a while ago. The sixth of August to be precise.
(My head always remembers stuff like that.)
When I first laid eyes on her my brain had thought processes
like: 'she does not belong here.' And: 'Who is that lady?'
But I did not talk to her on that day.
However, I slowly became aware of who she was, what she does,
and why she does those things.
I got in touch with her here and there,
but it wasn't untill the tenth of november that I got a chance to see her again.
When we met, she blew my mind once more, something she proceeded to do
again and again withouth ever stopping, not once.

I fell for the lady, because she is like me, in a way: out of this world.
Just not from the same 'other world'.
I feel at home around her, even though she lives in the 'big city',
and I am just a small towner these days.
Everything about her takes my breath away.
Like last time when I arrived in the city,
I was blown away by the amount of christmas lights, ambiance, and people there.
It's normal for her, and she does not pay attention
to those things anymore. Which is sad because those things are amazing.

She is a free spirit. She does what she want, when she wants to.
She dances. She is not ashamed of who she is, of her body, of her spirit.
She makes photographs of people in this world, in a way that makes you believe
they are from another world.

I try to be myself but the neutrons in my brain are submitted to a short circuit
when she looks at me. I can picture ourselves in a palace on Venus,
ruling as royalties. Or as commanders of a submarine crew.

But reality is hard. And so.. we might never be.
Even though she is the only one that might ever understand me.