Friday, 28 December 2012

Return to Dreamland

Ok, new dream.

Tonight I found myself in my old school,
where we were doing an exam for mathematics.
Not a problem at all, except I found myself working on the exam when every
other student was already finished, and so I was alone in the class.
Alone, except for my teacher
-who thought me chemistry and economics in real life-
And my best friend from before the time-travelling madness,
Sander, who was next to me, doing his own exam.
Suddenly he started yelling at me for some unknown reason.

Look, there's this thing you need to know about me.
I HATE when people yell at me and get mad at me for some reason.
I seriously do, and when they do get mad, I act in two ways:

1) I defend myself, yell back, but I know I am really bad at that so
    I lose the argument more often than not.
2) I try to avoid conflict, get away from that person, and cry from the inside.

Those two things are what I did in my dream,
in the right order. I have no idea why my best friend suddenly got mad at me,
but it was a scary sight to behold,
like, he wanted to throw a table at my head or something.
I tried to defend myself for a minute, but then I decided it was best
for me to just... put my chair in the corner away from him, and finish the exam there.

Hell, even my teacher went to the building next door,
and I saw her peeking through the window.

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