Wednesday, 12 December 2012

More gaming!

So, I may have mentioned the fact that I'm a so called 'gamer'.
(as a matter of fact I did so right here.)

I love to lose myself in new worlds,
and I love the new technology people come up with in this dimension.

I have to keep up with it, so I currently own a 'ps3', a 'wii' and a '3ds',
which is awesome for playing the so-called 'pokémon' series, Zelda,
Castlevania and you name it, on the train.
I am an active follower of gaming news,
and I know everything there is to know about games,
so it came as a surprise when I pulled out my 3ds in public,
and got asked the dead-serious question by a 30-something year old:
'Is that a new Sega?'

I seriously did not know how to respond for twenty seconds.

Look, I know about gaming's past, I know about the 'retro' systems and the 'arcade'.
So it's very strange that, while I know all that, and the fact being that I'm not even
from around here, people are less familiar with the gaming world than I am.

Another point I want to make about me being 'familiar with the game world' is this:
Two weeks ago the people here released a Wii U.
It's very familiar to DS owners, because of it's usage of two screens,
but it's still very different.
It's got so much potential besides inventory management and menu's on the controller.

It's HD gaming for Mario, and I can't wait to see what they do to Zelda and Metroid.

I followed the developpement for the Wii U with eager anticipation,
and -being mostly a Nintendo fan due to their amazing franchises and balls to try something different-
I knew I was going to love this.

So yeah, I just got it, and it's amazing.

        Look at that happy face. Seriously. Look at it.

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