Saturday, 8 December 2012

Inspiration for woodworking.

For some reason I did not take the train today.
No, I decided I should walk home after spending some money in the city next to mine.
It was cold but I did not care, I was half-dancing while walking,
people in cars were looking silly, but I felt like a boss.
A big part of that was that I was wearing my dandy suit and listening to songs like
'That swing again' by Dj Doo Good, and 'Can the frog tap dance' by Dr. Cat & Dj Pony.

Anyway as I was dancing-walking-feeling like a badass,
I came across some architecture I totally loved, and I thought I should share it here:

This was so gorgeous I asked the lady in the candy store next door
about the background of the building and reason for the design choices.

The man who lives there is a fairly good prop and scenery builder for
famous plays on stage, musicals and the like.
He spent about ten years building his masterpiece,
which is two stories above ground, and two below.
Not basements, but actual liveable floors.
Also, there's not a single wall in the entire house that's straight, so that's awesome.

There is a gigantic bridge to the front door,
and the lady of the candy store told me the man planned to make the entire house rotate,
like clockwork, along with the sunlight, so the living room window would be permanently
facing the sun.
But that would require budget not even that man has.

Anywhore, what I'm trying to say here is that if that man can do it,
so can I. And he did that all by himself.
So if I'm going to stay in this dimension, I should make it as good-looking as I can.

I am tired of seeing these never-changing boring houses.

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