Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dreamland madness.

These last few weeks are crazy at night.
I have the weirdest dreams, how does my mind make up all that?

For example last night, I dreamt that I was flying around a tree
in the garden of the house were my parents used to live.
I was flying around the tree to try and catch a flying brain that glowed red.
And that brain was made of spaghetti.
I was doing all that while singing Beat it by Michael Jackson in a loud manner.
For some reason, the talented photographer/friend of mine Laura Sheridan was there,
along with Kitzen Catze, a lady I met while doing Laura's 'Weegee' shoot.
They were sitting at a table, making more spaghettibrains.

Another dream had me meeting Tom Hiddleston in my back yard,
Along with Laurens (an aquaintance of mine) and my brother.
There was one of Da Vinci's flying machines. Just because.
Suddenly though, a black helicopter appeared with loud noise,
and it shined a light on the grass, which acted as a tractor beam.

There was this dream where I got buried alive somewhere in africa by my mother,
but I escaped by clawing my way through the earth when she was gone.
I found my little sister (who's almost three) and took her with me.
We were able to hide on my grandmother's attic,
but my mom would not give up and eventually find us...

I once dreamt an entire set piece for a movie:
I envisioned six heroes, a bald miner with a big nose and brown tank top,
a man in a wheelchair who reads maps and does mathematics,
a shy man with unclean blond hair,  just resting on his shoulders,
and a torn smoking. He was playing the cello.
There were a few more people there, each different in a big way.
The men were cloudsailing in a zeppelin that was the shape of two pyramids next to each other.
It was made of wood with two iron bands to the left and right of the door.
In the middle there was a hatch, the entrance to the vehicle.
From the vehicle, big ropes went skywards, and they held the giant brown sack of air
that was heated by the smoke coming from the chimney in the middle of the pyramids.
The chimney was part of the fireplace inside.
In front of the fireplace, there were couches with rivets and pretty designs,
and a beautiful mat layed on the floor.
In the back of the second pyramid there was a library/study room where the man in his
wheelchair did his thing. In the frond there was a steering wheel similiar in design
than some of the pirate vessels you saw in movies.

The men resembled friends I used to have in my world,
but where the ship came from, I have no idea.
Oh, and that dream was a musical, even though nothing really happened,
except for the introduction of the characters and their airship.


Tonight (16/12) I dreamt of a guy who had a girlfriend,
but she left him for someone else.
So guy 1 (who was controlled by me) had a metal shirt on,
and was working in the store like another random day,
when another man in a brown suit (who also resembled me)
walked in. The metal-shirt-man was ready to fight for the girl,
so the two walked right up to each other, but then suddenly
the well-dressed new guy drew a gun and fired.
It missed, and so the two gents started fighting in Quentin Tarantino style.
The gun eventually pointed to the head of the guy in the suit,
and when fired, it triggered a taser-like effect.

next scene has us seeing the news, where that attack is mentioned,
and we see Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones from Torchwood (tv series)
investigate the strange gun, which turned out to be a modified Wii controller.