Friday, 21 December 2012

Long anticipated -maybe- post about work.

People have often been asking me the following question
"Ok, so, you say you are building boats. Fine, but what exactly do you do?"

People of the world, I present to you: my days at work.

I call this picture: crappy quality of me being proud of the sloop.*

I am currently getting skilled at using the bandsaw,  the power mitter saw, the late,
and the manual horizontal panel saw. I can use hand saws, planes,
drills, you name it. I am a quick learner, they say.

This is the current team: me and Rachid, both beginners,
and Benjamin and Cafer in the background, working hard.

In this video one sees the big hangar where the magic of transforming wooden
beams into boats and smaller artefacts takes place.
First, we see Noureddin working on a treasure chest and a shelf.
The camera then goes towards the sloops, one being halfway done,
and one being just a skeleton.

This is what I do. This is what I like to do. And this is what I will continue to do.
Untill I have honed my skills to make guns again. Probably.

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