Sunday, 25 November 2012

The Builder's vibe.

Hello interwebs,
how's your sunday, good?
That's good to hear.

These days I am full of motivation, full of that 'vibe' that makes you love your job,
and fills you with a sense of delight when you do what you do.
Is that making any sense?

Anyway, what I mean is I have found my place in the woodworking sector,
and I am planning to pursue it further into the art of prop building
for photography, maybe even plays on stage and events like Burning man or Handcar Regatta,
but there's nothing to do here in Belgium, so.. yeah..

Basically, I want to build a career that resembles the world where I come from.
Making 'alternative vehicles' that were a common sight in my town,
and resume my past profession as a business man of firearms.

It will be a while untill I can do all that, but hey, a man's got to have a goal.

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