Saturday, 24 November 2012


Hey interwebs, it's me again.
Sorry I keep using your time, but I really need to get something off my chest here.
The past year was a year of searching my place here,
a year of sadness, stress and melancholy.
But a few weeks ago, it all changed.

You see, I not only found work on the New Belgica,
but I've also met some pretty amazing people.
There was this event in the Netherlands called Emporium Vernesque,
and I wanted to go, but did not have the means of transportation.
So I talked to this photographer I've known a while
(from seeing one time and chatting online on a few occasions, nothing mayor)
And I spent the night there.
By spending the night I meant talking about games & paranormal stuff & everything else
'till the early morning. And I slept on the couch, so keep your dirty mind in check.
When we woke up, we dressed in our outfits for the event,
and went to the bakery like that.
I tell you, walking around on the street with a tribal bellydance girl felt pretty awesome.
Along with miss Sheridan (where I slept) I also met Xanthy again
(I've seen her pop up here and there)
and I got the honour of meeting Beli and her boyfriend,
and Marijke who drove us to the Emporium.

It was an amazing day, I've met LOTS of great people,
the shops were filled with hand made artefacts of an era that never was,
and I found myself some goodies there.

Anyway, as fun as the Emporium was,
the thing I will always remember was the lovely company I had all day,
and they turned into great buddies that help me find my place in this day and age.

Here's the tl;dr version:
I love you guys.