Thursday, 29 November 2012

Good times.

Hello interwebs,

I've been getting my mind blown everyday nowadays,
and it has everything to do with some people I met a while ago.

So there's this lady called Sheridan, she's living in a mad world of photography,
and she asked me if I could assist her with that.
Me, being the gent that I am, of course agreed with that,
and so I went to Antwerp by train.
My god these things are fast.

I arrived around noon, and found that the models (Milinda, Xanthy, and Karen)
were allready dressed for the shoot.
Xan put a camera in my hands and basically said "take pictures of everything",
which made me feel a little overwhelmed.
I still managed to snap some pictures though,
while Karen did the make-up of the models (Karen is a miracle worker.)
Working with that team is so much fun, I miss them everytime I leave :)

How much fun? this much fun:

Working outdoors with the team was also great,
I now have a better understanding of how Miss Sheridan works her magic.
It was all fun and good times untill some fifty-year old homeless man with faux-gold jewelery
tried to talk the ladies up into marrying him and going 'to his appartement' and stuff.
You could see that Xan, Milinda, Karen and miss Sheridan were starting to get frustrated,
and in one outburst that's totally unlike me,
I put the old man in his place. Oh my god the verbal filth that came out of my mouth !

But that was the only thing that was bad about the day,
overall it was a really good time.

Afterwards we chatted some more at a chocolate bar I've never even heard of.
Oh lord the chocolate overdose :3

Oh, and I spent the night in Antwerp because I didn't have a train home that late,
so I got home at around 15:00 today.

Was it a good adventure? Definately.


  1. Did you get the chocolate bar pics yet? I think they're on Facebook somewhere.