Monday, 3 December 2012

New photographs!

So yesterday I did another photoshoot with Sheridan, along with some friends of her.

I had a good time there in Antwerp,
it seems like there's always something new to discover.
Normally I would've gone there at 2'o clock,
but it got postponed 'till 4, which is largely the reason why I got home around 11,
and slept for a few hours (it's seven in the morning now, and I feel it. -,-')

The theme of the shoot was Weegee.
After running his name through the internet (still marvelous how fast you find a man!)
I understood that it was a 1930-1940 photographer
who followed the city's emergency services,
crime scenes, and the urban life.

So I dressed the part and went to Antwerp.
I met some new people, and spend a few hours in the appartement,
trying on different things, playing with rats (domesticated ones, of course),
and generally having fun.

But shooting needed to be done,
so in the street of the appartement, we shot scenes with hookers, drugs,
and me in a bodybag, for example.

Pictures will surface on the internet later, I assume,
so they will be featured here.

I'm so happy with my new friends.

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