Saturday, 24 November 2012


I was on a pirate's boat. In France.
Yes, I really was,

I went to see the progress on the 57 by 12 meter reconstruction of the 'Jean Bart'
on wednesday. It was a trip set up by my boss at work,
so the current team of instructors and students/cursists (including me)
went on a two hour trip -yes France is that close- to Gravelines, next to Dunkirk.
When we arrived, a worker there showed us around the working place,
where they made every single giant nail by hand, on an anvil,
and where they cut trees to build the enormous piece of functional art.

As I set foot on the impressive skeleton of the Jean Bart,
I felt like I could take on the world.
I pictured myself as a captain at the rudder, giving orders,
I found myself, destined for amazing things.

But alas, we did not stay there.
We also went to see the so called 'Musée portuaire',
a museum all about the history of boats in Dunkirk,
where I, once again, felt amazed by all the incredible vessels.

I love boats, and one day, I will build one.

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