Monday, 19 November 2012

First day at work.

Good evening.
(or, noon, or, morning, I found out the interwebs could be accessed everywhere)

I have survived the first day of woodworking, although I do have a big cut in my finger now.
I have to accept the fact that my days of selling protective firearms are behind me,
and I have to focus on building something new,
something that requires physique, thoughness, and a bit of callus on your hands.

I arrived there by train this morning -can you believe trains run on electricity?-
and they gave me a pair of work pants, and shoes with a piece of iron in the tip.
The people were friendly, but I still have to learn a lot,
like how to saw stuff accurately, and how to use a chisel, and..
I guess I will learn that in time.

Meanwhile, the other people were busy building one of the sloops,
that eventually will be on the deck of the MUCH larger "New Belgica".
I thought to myself 'I want to build a boat when I get home, boats are fun.'
But hey, that will be something for later.

Anyway ehm, what did I want to say again..
Oh yeah, wednesday we will go on a trip to France to look at the building process
of their masterpiece, the "Jean Bart".
Hurray, field trip :D <- look I'm using internet faces.

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