Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dead. Worth it.

I feel as tired as I have never felt in a long time.

Yesterday, two friends of mine came over from some faraway place
(a trip that takes an hour and a half with a car is considered 'faraway'. Deal with it.)
and entered the world of Abberantia, also known as, my room.
I had not seen those two people a lot before tonight.
One of them did come over once, to deliver something,
and stayed for a while to teach me html and css basics.
The other, a faery creature know as Elvya Dulcimer
(If you don't know her, you should check out her epic musical skills right here.)
I had only met in a flash once, a fast ticking couple of seconds on Phantasium.

The multi-talented people lightened my room with their epic painting skills
of my Warhammer 40k Tyranids, their vast pools of knowledge and stories,
and their friendly smiles. Nobody had set foot in my room in a long time,
mainly because I live in a city nobody visits,
but it felt good to finally be able to show my room to some friends
who are becoming more dear to me by the day,
and to laugh the time away. God I needed a laugh,
things are mentally exhausting nowadays.

Miss Dulcimer even drew me like it was nothing! #multiskill
I love this picture. Seriously.

We had a lot of good times with Wilfred, my Magikarp. He's such a funnyman.

I gained a lot of hugs last night too.
Really, tons. And I am not complaining, I needed hugs. I still need hugs.
I might have an addiction for hugs.

The moment my guests were gone, I fell in my bed, exhausted, but with a smile.
A smile that lasted throughout the entire night.
I might have slept as little as two hours, and I'm so dead tired today,
but it was worth every single minute.
Keep being awesome guys! :3