Friday, 8 March 2013

The human side of gaming.

I want you guys to look up a game called 'Sleeping dogs'.
It's not old, in fact it came out a few months ago,
and my first thought was 'this is another Grand Theft Auto clone set in Hong Kong'.

But there's so much more to it. The characters are not one-dimensional,
they are actually pretty well developed.
For instance me, Wei, a citizen of Hong Kong met this American girl,
Amanda accidentally on the street, when she got lost in the big city
while on a trip to find out what she should do with her life after finishing college.

So I showed her around, and the next day, I called her back on my cell
(yeah you can do that in the game) to see if she wanted to hang out.
The conversations between the characters are genuine,
and I even wanted to make sure I looked my best,
so I shopped for clothes and took my prettiest car out of the garage,
and went off to meet her.

When we were done 'hanging around', she asked me -Wei-
' this like.. uh was this a date or something?'
To which I answered it was, and we kissed.

It's not very often I see human emotions done so well in a game,
and it's on par with the Nathan Drake + Elena interactions in the Uncharted games,
and Lara Croft's genuine expressions of fear as she has to learn to survive
after being shipwrecked.

I love me a good human interaction in games :)

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