Sunday, 13 January 2013

Why I talk english.

It's a strange thing, actually, because it's not
about getting as broad an audience as possible on this blog,
it's not my native language, no, it's just something that came automatically.

You see, before I came to this dimension I lived in the city of Dircalis in Belgium,
the geographical equivalent of where Mechlin stands in this world.
As you could've guessed, I grew up speaking Dutch,
but English started growing on me when trading with other cities out of the country,
when I travelled along with a group of collectors.
It's become so natural to me that my thoughts are in English,
even though I speak Dutch at home.
It goes so far as to dream in English about people who talk Dutch in the real world.

So yeah I might have grammatical faults.
I might produce weird sentences.
But I can't help but talk English automatically.

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