Monday, 21 January 2013


Last thursday, the seventeenth to be precise,
I was done working at noon instead of the usual 8:30 to 4,
and so I took of to the city of Antwerp to see Laura again.

It was planned a few days before, so I had this big suitcase full of clothes, ties,
and accesories we could use for the photoshoot we were going to do.
I did not expect, however, that I was going to sit down in the snow,
my hands freezing cold. But it was fun though, and I definately want to do it again.


These are four of the seven pictures of the shoot.
The idea was to see if a Tribal+Steampunk combination would work,
which it totally did, in my opinion.
Also, during the shoot I had some memories of the last time I sat in the snow like this:
outside of Dircalis, back in my own world.

Holy guacamole, I need to go back badly.

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