Saturday, 12 January 2013

Strange week @ work.

Past week was a bit weird, in terms of me not working on the boat at all.
In fact, I'm not sure I entered the hangar where the sloops are
for more than five minutes a time.
And it's not just me, the entire team did not work at the sloops or something else boat-related.

You see, here's the thing:
our sponsors are closing the stream of money one by one at the end of this year,
because they don't see any progress on the boat and they decided it's not worth it.
-I know that because I get inside and secret information from the bosses, that's how I roll.-

So what would be the natural reaction of our bosses and instructors?
To work our asses off building this vessel, of course.

What was the actual reaction of our bosses and instructors?
To start working on a room in the hangar where the big machines are,
and start installing insulation, paint the walls, you know, that stuff.
Oh, and we were also busy doing the whole
'make a cargo ship's container into a liveable space complete with electricity, a toilet, ...'

So that's what we were doing all week instead of building the actual ship,
and that makes me kinda stressed out. Because I don't want them to lose the boat.
Oh, I was also busy for an entire afternoon on friday being all manly and stuff
when I took a gigantic hammer to a wall's face. IN YOUR FACE, WALL!

Aaaand I also lost my fifty-year old gloves on the train station on friday after work.
You know, the ones that were given to me by the sister of my grandmother,
the ones that were worn at her wedding fifty years ago by her husband,
and I feel like SHITE because of that. I can not be comforted. Bluh.

(Oh yeah, I thought you guys might like this drawing on the wall of the hangar.)

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