Saturday, 5 January 2013

Good day.

Today was pretty fun.
I got to meet one of my internet friends in person,
one who lives quite a ways from here but was willing to drive
all the way here, from Limburg (still Belgium though).
The reason he came was because he had something for me,
and it didn't matter for him that it was a long drive
because he wanted to see me.

'I am a fan of you, he said. You always make me happy on the internet.'
-Wait whut? I have FANS ?

I felt quite weird and did not really know how to respond to that.
Some part of me is happy because there is at least one person
that thinks I'm 'cool', or funny, or whatever.
But the other part of me is like
'No, you don't deserve a fan, you're not interesting at all!'

But hey, let's not fill my brain to the top with that one dilemma,
I have other stuff to attend to.
For example, the stuff he brought me today:


Yeah I'm an amateur Pc game maker,
and when I say amateur, I mean amateur.
I know zero scripting code (rpg maker runs on ruby {rgss3} )
and I have no experience in story-telling.
Allright I do write some stories. I have one that's exactly 100 pages long,
but then I got a writer's block, and I have it for MONTHS now.
The other stories I wrote never got past the twenty page mark.

So here's the deal, I'm going to make a game,
without a time limit, but I AM going to make it for certain,
and I am going to make it commercially available when it's finished.
I am going to set a goal for myself to earn as much money as I put into it.

That's.. ten bucks at the moment. That can probably be done.

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