Friday, 28 June 2013


Oh god. I'm behind on things. So much.
So much has happened I just.. can't.. possibly explain everything.

For starters, I know what I want to do. I want to go to school for that reason,
but I am not allowed, my coach (who helps me find work) doesn't want me to do it.
Because for one reason being that she doesn't believe that I can find a job when I
learned it. But you know, I can't find a job right now either, so what's the fuss?
Also, I have to move closer to the school, and moving out of my parent's house costs money,
that I don't have. That means finding a job during the weekends but I can't find a job like
that that I'm allowed to do. I can't do so-called 'student-jobs' for I am not a 'student'
when I go to school for that course. Yes, I know, it's strange and it's bullocks.

I guess doing what I want to do is just something that will always be just out of reach.

Also, I am back in Limburg, with the crazy-ass people,
which I love. I honestly love the people here.
It's a constant train-ride of unexpected happenings and good times,
today we had a professional-quality-but-not-professional photographer
with us, and we took pictures on cemetaries, with owls and horses,
and in the forest. It was crazy, I made a hat with horns on it.
Just.. madness, I mean check it.
Best time I had in like, a long time.

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