Monday, 22 April 2013

Elf Fantasy Fair.

Good day ol' chaps and ladies,
I have returned from the Netherlands with a tired mind,
a happy fuzzy feeling in my belly, and a lot of memories.

We were followed by a film crew for the Belgian television the entire weekend,
and -while they were awesome- they made me lose a lot of time,
so I have not felt the 'festival feeling' I should have had.

Nevertheless it was amazing, it felt like a dream,
where I was able to be myself, to live the 'Dorian'
of the Old World, and not that mask I wear in real life :)
I met a lot of new people,
I spent the night in an abandoned radio building,
I spent more than an hour talking to a german boy about my other dimension (in english)
and I got more hugs this weekend than the rest of my life I think.

On saturday I also met the lovely Constance Bashford at last
-we saw each other briefly on previous events, but I was able to hug her right now yay-
and we took pictures together.

Creatures were slain this weekend.

UPDATE: a new picture has arrived of me in the branch of Steampunk Objective
located in The Netherlands, basically the head of the international group.
They are amazing people.

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