Saturday, 26 January 2013

Meh. Steampunk.

I just said it someplace else,
but I will say it here as well.
Nowadays I see goggles. Every goddamn steamer must wear goddamn goggles.
On every hat.
It's not even usefull in 'if it was a real world' applications!

And Nerf mods. Don't get me started on frickin' Nerf mods.
Piles and piles of Mavericks.. *shudders*

And gears on every goddamn piece of clothing one can wear,
in random places that can't even be functional in one's imagination!

Maybe I'm getting a bit 'burnt out', maybe Steampunk is growing out of me,
but I believe the subculture lost it's appeal.
I love steampunk, if done correctly, but not the 'glue some gears on it' version.
And not clockpunk. Bleh.
I just feel like 95% of Steamers aren't using it creatively enough,
but are copy-pasting 'safe templates'.
Like pirates. Every Steamer is a captain of an Airship. God-table-flipping-damnit.
A good world, a believeable world, needs doctors, grocers, inventors,
bartenders, workers, ...
And yes, I know it doesn't sound as adventurous as an Airship Captain but ..


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