Friday, 21 December 2012

Awesome day.

Today was a good day, for an end-of-the-world scenario.
Life started as usual, at six o'clock, when my cellphone
-yes, I have a cellphone- woke me up from a good dream.
I got ready and went to work, where I found myself working
on one of the four sloops of the New Belgica.
We put in the floor today, and then cleaned the cantina,
toilets, dressing room and workplace for the vacation
that bars progress.
After that, a team of crane workers and truck drivers
surprised every one of us when they brought in another boat
that needed restoration. The Aloha, as it's called,
is a gorgeous piece of work, from the wooden
head at the bow to the beautiful railing that prevents
drunk people -I assume- from falling into the ocean.
It's so big it didn't fit into the hangar,
as was planned, so it needs to be worked on outside.
I can handle it, I want to stand in the mud and the rain,
as long as I can work on this piece of artwork.

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